It was an honor...

to be invited back to photograph this event for Dominion Steel again this year. Dominion Steel, an industry leader in structural steel fabrication and erection, opened its doors to the Fredericksburg Area Building Association (FABA) for an unforgettable evening. This year's FABA Hard Hat Event and Dominion Steel Company Party, was an amalgamation of great food, a colossal raffle, and countless smiles, and was a testament to the power of community and the building industry.

A Community of Builders and Associates

FABA, the Fredericksburg Area Building Association, is a cornerstone of the local community. With hundreds of members, encompassing both builders and associates, FABA represents thousands of individuals whose livelihoods are intricately linked with the building and building-related industries. FABA's mission goes beyond bricks and mortar; it strives to create and maintain an environment conducive to the growth and development of the building industry. Their ultimate goal is to make homeownership accessible to all individuals and families in the area. It's a noble mission that underscores the importance of collaboration and shared values within the community.

Dominion Steel: A Pillar of Excellence

Dominion Steel, a proud member of FABA, has been a shining star in the world of structural steel fabrication and erection since 1994. Their mission is clear: build relationships through personalized service and provide exceptional client experiences. Dominion Steel is more than a steel company; they are the architects of dreams and builders of communities. Their reach spans across various industries, from education and healthcare to entertainment, government, and commercial sectors. They touch the lives of countless people by constructing the material that build schools where children learn and the entertainment venues where communities come together.

What sets Dominion Steel apart is their unwavering commitment to growth. Their unified leadership team cultivates a growth mindset that permeates every facet of their company's culture. This enthusiasm for growth is not confined to the boardroom; it's reflected in their projects. Dominion Steel thrives on tackling the tough jobs, those that many steel shops shy away from. Their dedicated team of fabricator professionals is the driving force behind their growth and stellar reputation.

What a Party!

The Dominion Steel Hardhat/Company Party event was nothing short of spectacular. The air was filled with the mouthwatering aroma of delicious food right from the grill, and drinks flowed generously, creating an atmosphere of pure enjoyment. Attendees could be seen engaging in friendly games of cornhole, while kids were entertained with bubbles and sidewalk chalk, their laughter and creativity adding an extra layer of charm to the festivities. For those eager to explore the world of steel production, a tour of the facility offered an educational and eye-opening experience. The event was a perfect blend of fun, food, and community, making it a night to remember for everyone involved.

The excitement reached its zenith with a raffle that featured an astonishing array of prizes. Attendees eagerly participated, their eyes gleaming with anticipation. Capturing the sheer elation on the faces of those fortunate enough to win was a privilege.

Yet, beyond the delicious food and thrilling raffle, it was the smiles and happiness that illuminated the evening.


Being invited back to photograph the FABA Hard Hat Event and Dominion Steel Company Party was an honor that I cherish. It was a night that celebrated the values of community, growth, and excellence. These are values that FABA and their members, including Dominion Steel hold dear. The photographs I took that night capture not just moments frozen in time but the essence of a community coming together to build, celebrate, and share joy.

As Dominion Steel continues to excel and expand, I eagerly look forward to documenting their future milestones and celebrations. This year's event was a testament to their dedication to the building industry. It was a night of smiles, happiness, and memories that will resonate for years to come.

Please enjoy a few images from this year's event