What is FABA?

FABA is the Fredericksburg Area Builder's Association of which Daydream Photography by Katherine Weeks is an associate member of. I can hear you now. " Wait a minute Katherine! You're not a builder or even a real estate photographer, why are you a member of a builder's association?"

Good question, one I have asked myself a couple of times. The very first time was when I was invited to join. Here's the thing. A lot of GREAT people in my life make a living in the building industry. As an associate member of this organization, I can use my talents to support them in other ways. I can provide professional headshots for their websites and social media profiles, I can do branding photos, I can do product photos, I can photograph special events that they may organize, and they can even talk to me about family photos. I don't have to be a builder or even a real estate photographer to support other local businesses.

FABA's mission statement straight from their website is "to educate, promote and represent the building industry while enhancing the region's quality of life"

My favorite part of FABA is the FAB Foundation which is the charitable organization that helps the community in part by partnering with local educators to create student chapters in Stafford, Caroline, Fredericksburg, Orange, and Spotsylvania counties. FAB provides grant opportunities for those looking to learn a trade. The FAB initiative is to provide opportunities to bridge the gap between the future workforce and member partners in ways such as financial support for students and connecting them with real-life experience and job opportunities. FAB foundation donations can be submitted here if you are interested in supporting this worthwhile organization.

Now that I have told your what FABA and FAB are let's get to the President's Gala!

FABA holds an annual gala for its members to celebrate members achievements. This year I had the pleasure of photographing this amazing event. This year's event was held at the Old Silk Mill in downtown Fredericksburg VA and the theme was Caribbean. It was a chilly January day but the vibes were warm and toasty inside the venue complete with live parrots and a pirate's treasure! Members were able to purchase keys (with the funds going to the FAB Foundation) for a chance to open the lock on the treasure chest. Inside was a pearl necklace, a silver and rhinestone encrusted compact mirror, and a CRUISE TO THE ACTUAL CARIBBEAN!!! I didn't win (insert sad face) but a family member of mine did win (insert super excited happy face!) After a delicious sit-down dinner and presentation of the awards, the DJ got everyone up and dancing to finish out the night!

The organizers of this event did an amazing job and the volunteers who helped set everything up and then take it all back down again were amazing as well. Please enjoy a few photos from the event.