If you're on the fence about whether or not to hire a professional photographer for your event, consider some of these reasons to go ahead and do it.....

Look I fully recognize that we live in an age where everyone has a camera in their hand and surely someone is going to use it. It's inevitable. Often, those pictures are good enough, every once in a while they are really good, and every so often they're great.

I will tell you though, that every time I have photographed an event vs. when I am a guest at an event with no photographer, I have noticed far fewer people pulling out their phones for pictures and just really living IN THE MOMENT. I know you're thinking that I am just saying this because I am a photographer who enjoys photographing events, but it's the truth.

When I am photographing an event, people will ask me to take pictures of them and their group (rather than a selfie) and then ask where they can see the pictures later. Hiring a photographer allows you and your guests to interact and have fun with each other knowing that the moments are being captured. Also, depending on the event and your requests a photographer can either be a fly on the wall, meaning they just stand back and document the event as it happens, or they can work for the crowd and get people in front of their camera in fun ways.

Let's not forget about those all-important group photos! Someone has to actually take the photo which means someone is being left out of the picture, they might be fine with that, but you shouldn't be. You want EVERYONE to be in your photo memories of that event. But Katherine, I can just set a timer. Sure you can and what are the chances that everyone is going to be looking at the camera? After taking my fair share of group photos I can tell you the chances of that....ZERO! Guess what a professional can do? They can take several shots at a time, then if there isn't one single photo where everyone is looking, there are bound to be a few that they can piece together in post-production to make it look like everyone was looking.

Speaking of post-production. When you hire a photographer they are going to take the time to go through your photos and edit them to perfection then get them back to you and all you have to do is download and share them OR you can just share your gallery and let your guests pick out the ones they love and want to keep and share.

All in all we photographers know that you can DIY it, but we hope that you will recognize that investing in us is a gift that you give yourself and your guests. You're going to have beautiful, professional, images that will preserve the memories for a long time to come.