'nuff said, am I right?

But seriously folks, winter is not my favorite season. I don't enjoy going out i the snow (it's fine if I can watch it from my window and it doesn't knock my power out) I definitely do not like ice, I can tolerate temps of around 40 degrees but any less than that and it starts to get grumpy and it gets dark sooooo early.

In the past, I basically shut down my calendar for portrait sessions in the winter. It has occurred to me though, that there are actually a LOT of people who do not share my feelings of contempt for the season and might actually like to have their photos taken during the season.

Well, friends if you are a winter lover, this post is for you!

How to Prepare for Your Winter Session

  1. Keep tracking the weather. Those white winter days after a lot of snowfall can result in some seriously gorgeous photographs. Booking two months out probably won't work, and you'll instead want to keep in touch with your photographer and keep an eye on those forcasts together and when the time is right BAM!
  2. Really play up the winter accessories when planning outfits. Think cozy knit scarves, colorful coats, adorable boots, mittens and more.
  3. Plan the day out so that nobody gets fussy or too cold. A bribe of hot chocolate after the session goes a long way. Also, make sure that everyone's dressed warmly.
  4. Don't be afraid to have fun in that snow. Snowball fights? Snowman building? Angels? The possibilities are endless and this should be all about having fun. (just don't aim at your photographer and their expensive equipment )
  5. Choose colors and prints that pop. An all-white background is absolutely beautiful, ESPECIALLY with a pop of red, or a flash of gingham can really make for a gorgeous photograph.
  6. Blankets! Blankets are sooooooo much easier to toss on and off than coats are. If you really want to add some variety you can get matching blankets for the whole family that can be incorporated into your photos!
  7. Pack the necessities. Noses tend to run in the cold, and glasses can fog up. Bring tissues, hand-warming packs, clean clothes and hot beverages to keep everyone perky throughout the shoot.
  8. Because it can be really cold, note that a shorter session may be in order. Make the most of your photos by using every single second to the max, especially at the beginning of the session when everyone's still warm and spirits are particularly high.

BONUS TIP: Skip the cold altogether and schedule a lifestyle session in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Not sure what a lifestyle session looks like?

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With a bit of planning a winter session CAN be fun and produce amazing photos for your family to enjoy for many years to come.