1 - So you can see them every day

Everyone has tons of pictures on their phone, on Facebook, on Instagram, and everywhere but how often do you actually go to look at all of those pictures? On a daily basis? Weekly? Yearly? From my own personal experience, it's usually not unless I'm having a conversation where I might say "oh let me see if I have a picture!" or if they pop up in my Facebook memories, which is fun.

The difference here is that you are hiring a photographer to take beautiful photos that either capture a specific time or experience (sometimes both) in your life. You're spending money on something special and I would love to see you get the most out of booking a photographer like myself by not letting your photos just be forgotten somewhere but by displaying them the way they were meant to be displayed. In PRINT on the walls and surfaces of your home where you can pass by and glance at them every single day!

2 - Technology is awesome, till it's not

What I mean by that is that being able to save your images in a digital format is absolutely awesome. But technology is always changing. Remember CD drives and getting photos on CD. That's not even that old. When I first started my business that's how I delivered digital images to clients, then those went by the wayside for USB drives and now I delivered completely through file downloads which means that you, my client is responsible for saving and backing up your digital image files. I need both of my hands and feet and someone else's too to count the number of times I have had clients contact me because their computer has crashed and all of their pictures from our session were on it. In most cases I still had their photos but not in all cases. I clear my hard drives periodically and I only guarantee the archival of images for up to a year.

3 - Did you know that JPEG files deteriorate?

It's true, every time a jpeg file is opened on a computer it begins to deteriorate little by little and over time will not be the same quality as they once were. Printed photos when displayed and/or stored properly will remain in great shape no matter how many times you look at it.

4 - Back up to the backups

I've had people say to me but Katherine. Prints can be destroyed by fires, floods etc. And they are not wrong. I'm am not saying that you should ONLY print or ONLY have digital. I'm saying have both. If something happens to your prints you have your digital files (assuming you have them saved and saved again someplace safe) to reprint from but if something happens to your digital files you have your printed photos you can turn back into digital images through scans. Think of prints as another way to back those files up.

5 - Photos displayed in your home can boost your mood.

Bad days happen did you know that looking at happy memories can boost your mood? Seeing the smiling faces of you and your loved one can be a reminder that while today might suck tomorrow might be better.

6 - You get a break from digital media

This goes back to the technology is awesome until it isn't thing. Our days are filled with backlit screens and constant scrolling. Sometimes your eyes, mind, and body need a break. This can be a good time to pull out an album or just sit and relax and enjoy and reflect upon a stunning wall piece. Your experiences with printed photos can be a relaxing respite from the day-to-day scroll

7 - There are psychological benefits of having printed photos displayed in your home

There is an article in the New York Times that explains some of these benefits. I know that when I worked in daycare we encouraged families to create a picture collage of their families to hang on our walls so that they could see and be connected to their families. Seeing photos in the home has the same effect of feeling connected to one another. For young children, it's another way to create those family bonds, for older children printed photos can be a great conversation starter (remember when....) A lot of people will replace older photos with new ones but I would encourage them to just add rather than replace them so that those memories aren't tucked away in a box but rather visible for everyone to see and remember.

8 - Because I make it SO DANG EASY!!!!

When you book a photo session with me, you're not only getting the experience of having your photo taken. I also offer printing and product services, so you can not only have your photos taken, but can find beautiful ways to display them all in one place. 

Printing photos from third-party companies can be complicated. Download from your gallery, upload to their website order blah blah blah. Printing them from your local drugstore is convenient, but they offer limited sizes and are not always the best quality.  Why go through all of those extra steps when you can just order right from your online gallery and have your prints delivered right to your address?

Printing your photos doesn't just mean creating physical copies of photos you can hang on your wall in a picture frame. I offer many physical products that will display your photos beautifully. You can get your pictures printed traditionally and on my products all in one convenient place! My top priority is delivering quality service, and my printing services are no exception.

black and white photos of a framed print of a teenage girl looking at camera with hand resting on her head
Framed print of a bride and groom kissing under a clear umbrella covered in raindrops