Meet Branden a Senior at Mountainview High School.

Branden is another one of my kiddos from the very last preschool class that I ever taught. We met up in downtown Fredericksburg VA for his session.

You guys! I GOT A HUG!!!! as I was greeted with "Hello Mrs. Weeks" It actually sounds funny to me these days to be called Mrs. Weeks by anyone besides doctors and bank tellers. But to Branden, this is who I am.

It was so fun hanging out with Branden, the best part was seeing glimpses of the little boy that I remember in this fine young man. The way he still loves to give a thumbs up in a silly way, the way he raises his eyebrow, he used to make 13 years ago and there was no shortage of smiles and laughter at this session.

Branden enjoys being a part of the JROTC at Mountainview High School.

His immediate post-graduation plans will see him heading off into the Merchant Marines and beyond that the world is his oyster.

Good Luck Branden!

Please enjoy a few of my favorite images from his senior portrait session.