High School Senior Portrait Session

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure and privilege of photographing my friend Asa's high school senior portraits. Asa and I have been buddies since I was his preschool teacher many years ago.

Our story started when he walked into my preschool classroom on his very first day with a decadent chocolate cake with chocolate icing for ME! I mean tradition is to bring the teacher an apple but this was wayyyyyyyy better. You see his mother had heard that the first day of school also happened to be my birthday and they wanted to bring me something. Well over the school year his mother and I became friends which turned into a best friendship situation the day I watched Asa's sister being born. This friendship has allowed me to also remain friends with Asa and allowed me to watch this kind, intelligent boy grow into a bona fide young man. Asa is still working on his future plans and right now that might be a sensible start with community college then a transfer to a university of some sort. Whatever he does I'll be keeping an eye on him and wishing him the very best in life.

Please enjoy a few images from his session below.