Halloween Morning

I had been checking the weather report all week hoping it would change. The day before, sunny and warm, the day after sunny and warm, the wedding day, rainy and chilly. I kept hoping that maybe it would stop for a while. It eased up, but honestly it never really stopped. I had visited Old House Vineyard prior to the wedding date to scout out the best places for wedding photos, still hoping that the rain would just not happen.

It happened. It was raining when I woke up, it rained while I drove to the venue, it rained while the bride was getting ready, it rained while we did the first look in a small room indoors, it eased up enough for us to go outside to for the wedding party photos when ceremony time came, it poured down rain. All of the plans I had made for pictures went out the window, and with the help of Amber's amazing videographer we just came up with it all on the fly!

You'd think that with all this rain and so many plans that had to pivot the day was ruined, right? WRONG! Amber and Davis are both so laid back and easygoing, they just rolled with the punches and had the best wedding and party ever!

Amber loves all things spooky so a Halloween wedding was a must for her! They both have a passion for tattoos (Amber is actually apprenticing and will be a tattoo artist someday soon) Their wedding was a Halloween theme and it was so much fun. After the ceremony, pictures, and first dances Amber and Davis went to change into something more comfortable because it was time to eat and dance! His best man, her maid of honor, and her father all toasted the newlyweds with beautiful emotional words of just true love for the couple then her father got the party started with a shout of "Laissez les bons temps rouler!" which translates to Let the good times roll! And roll they did!

The venue, the flowers, the food, the music it was all amazing! They know how to throw a party!

Enjoy some photos of their special day. And if you read all the way through and got here through social media be sure to hit the comments and ask Amber what happened on their honeymoon! They definitely have a great story to tell and videos to prove it!