Meet Vicki Mundia - Owner/Operator of The Crafty Bobbin LLC.

Hey guys! It's been a while. I have decided it's time to get back on this blogging thing. I am putting it out there into the universe. For the rest of 2022 I will find something to blog about at least once a month.

There, it's out there now I have to stick to it!

This month I am introducing you to a friend of mine Vicki Mundia. Vicki creates handcrafted fabric items to help organize your stuff. She has so many great things in her shop and I LOVE the fabrics she chooses and how she matches them to create the cutest combinations for her product.

Over the summer Vicki contacted me about photographing her product for her Etsy shop.

You know what I say, you can do it yourself but you don't have to.

Sometimes it's just easier and less stressful to let someone else do some of the things that you either don't have the time to do, the talent to do, or just don't want to do.

I have really been enjoying photographing Vicki's wonderful product.

Later in the summer when I had decided that I was ready to begin a new niche in my own business, Personal and Business Branding. I asked Vicki if she would be willing to help me out and let me do a branding session with her. She was! I went to her home sewing room and we spent a couple of hours getting shots of her and her sewing space. I learned a lot about how I want to move forward with my branding photography from that shoot so thank you for that Vicki.

Please enjoy some photos from that session and some of Vicki's products.

If you would like to check Vicki's Etsy shop out click the button below