Did you know that I do event photography?

It's true!

So what even is event photography anyway?

Well, it's photography that captures images for, well, events. Things such as birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, galas, awards ceremonies and more.

Hiring a professional photographer for an event lets event organizers and guests enjoy the event without feeling the need to have their phones in their hands the entire time trying to capture those all-important social media moments. Instead they can mingle and have fun with the other guests while a photographer captures the moments for them.

When hiring a photographer for your event it's important to let them know a few things.

  • what type of event you are hiring them for
  • what kinds of images you want from the event. For example, do you want documentary-style images, group photos, or a bit of both?
  • what are the can't miss moments that you need the photographer to photograph? For example, someone getting an award, an expectant mother opening a special gift, that sort of thing. These things take some planning so make sure you let your photographer in on it.
  • do you want all-color photos, all black-and-white photos, or a mixture of both?

Communication with your photographer is key you need to let them know what you really want and need from the photos so that they can let you know if they can deliver.

If you have hired an event organizer make sure to them and your photographer in touch with each other.

Be sure to check with your venue and find out if they have any limitations in regard to photography particularly if there are any off-limits zones.

I highly recommend hiring your photographer to arrive at your venue about 30 -45 minutes before guests are expected to arrive. By this time the venue setup is usually mostly complete and it will allow your photographer to capture certain special details of your event, something event organizers often don't even think about but after so much time and money has been spent on these details they are worth photographing. Having your photographer arrive early will allow them to capture these details before guests have started to come with their belongings which can clutter up photos and before things start to get moved around.

I also recommend having some sort of sign that informs your guests that a photographer has been hired and that the photos are being taken.

Something short and sweet could be

A photographer has been hired for this event. By entering the event premises you consent to be photographed and waive any and all rights you may have to any claims of payment or royalties in connection with any use, exhibition, or publication of images from this event. You also waive any and all right to inspect or approve any photo or video taken at this event.

I really enjoy photographing events

Please enjoy some of these photos that I did for the FAB Foundation back in February for their Valentine's day dance at Ristorante Renato.