This session was well worth the 2 hour drive and I'm telling you if I lived closer to Williamsburg this would be a thing. Not that Fredericksburg, Culpeper and Orange aren't incredible, they totally are, but I learned that I can wander all through Colonial Williamsburg, in and out of the gardens (which I didn't know, thanks for that info Amanda!) and photograph to my heart's content (or until my client's have just had enough). I can't wait to go back! 

So I met Christy many years and a different career ago when I was a preschool teacher. I taught her son, who also jumped into a few shots as well. It is awesome to see what a smart and handsome young man he's become. Anyway, when she contacted me asking about wedding photography I can not even tell you how excited I was first of all to hear from her, secondly, to hear that she was engaged! A couple weeks after that initial contact she and her lovely fiance Amanda drove up to Fredericksburg to meet with me. Christy and Amanda met in high school. Yes, really! They are both highschool teachers. Now they work at different schools but initially they were friends that met when Christy started to teach at the school Amanda worked at, and then much later love blossomed and grew.  I am so excited that I will be photographing these high school teachers' wedding in December.  

When it came time to plan their engagement session I knew that I wanted to go to them instead of having them come to me as they live a few hours away from my usual stomping grounds.  I am willing to travel all over Virginia for my wedding couples. They decided on Williamsburg because it was meaningful to them both as one of them graduated from William and Mary and the other worked as a re-enactor for Colonial Williamsburg. They scoped it all out and decided on starting at College Landing Park and then finishing up in a couple of lovely gardens they found in the Colonial part of town.  It was particularly humid but the storms held off so that we could have a great (sort of sweaty) session full of fun and laughter. Please enjoy a few of their favorite images from their session. 

Check out their wedding day photos here