Wedding day photography isn't one size fits all

Whether you're planning to elope, planning a wedding with ALL the things or anything in between, you will want fantastic photography with a photographer who cares about you and your needs to capture your special memories of the special day.

customizing your wedding package

I don't like one size fits all packages when it comes to wedding day photography.

I want to help you customize your wedding package to fit your needs and budget.

The basics are below but we can email, facetime, call, zoom or meet in person to discuss exactly

how we can work together to customize a package that will meet your needs and desires

for your wedding day, give you beautiful professional quality images while staying in your budget.

I only accept a certain number of weddings per year. I do this to ensure that I can give you the service and attention that you deserve before, during, and after your special day.

Complimentary Engagement Session

Every couple that books their wedding day with me will receive a complimentary engagement session. Why? Because it's a good time for us to get to know one another a little better before the big day. You learn how I interact with couples, how I handle posing (what do we do with our hands anyway?, I get a chance to show you I am going to help you feel less awkward, look natural, and feel great so you have no nerves (at least about pictures) on the big day!


6 hours

This option is good when you're getting ready at your ceremony venue


8 hours

The most popular option for coverage of before, during, and after the ceremony.


10 hours

Recommended for wedding days that require travel time between venues.


Adding a second photographer

While I am confident that I can capture your day adequately solo I would still recommend adding a second photographer to your package. The reason being that another photographer can help ensure that the photography portion of your day runs as smoothly as possible.

2nd photographer rates

2 to 4 hours - $350

5 to 8 hours - $550

9 to 10 hours - $750

STEP 2 - recieving your images

Wait To Shop From Gallery

If you're not ready to choose just yet you can wait until after your wedding day to shop for digital and print image product right from your online gallery.


Digital Download & Album

With this option, you get to download all of your images from your online gallery AND you get a custom-designed 50 image album


Digital Download

You will be able to instantly download all of the images in your gallery for immediate sharing and/or printing


50 Image Album

A beautiful 10x10 inch custom-designed album. You will choose 50 of your favorite images from your gallery to upload to the album.
Your online gallery will still be available to shop from as well.


Photographer travel and/or lodging arrangements

There will be certain situations in which additional fees will be necessary if your wedding venue is outside my local area

My local area for weddings is within 100 miles of my home office in Locust Grove, VA.

All mileage will be based on Google map search.

80 - 100 miles

If your venue is 80 - 100 miles from my home office address.


101 - 160 miles

If your venue is in 101 - 160 miles from my home office an overnight stay in the area will be necessary either the night before or the night of the wedding


161 and up

If your venue is more than 161 miles from my home office an overnight stay both the night before and the night of your wedding date will be necessary


Locust Grove, VA


How far do you travel for weddings?

I will travel anywhere in Virginia.

Is there an additional fee if my wedding is outside of your local area?

Yes Additional fees are added for certain situations.

Do you offer a CD of images in any of your collections?

No, there is an option in our customized wedding packaging for you to digitally download your images from a private online gallery.

What can I expect to spend on my wedding package?

Pricing begins at $300 for 2 hours of wedding day photography. Packages are customized to your wants, needs, and budget.

How many photographers come on my wedding day?

You have to option to add a second photographer to your day when customizing your wedding day collection.

What if we don't want the engagement session, do we get a discount?

No. This is a complimentary session that I offer for the purpose of getting to know you better and getting you comfortable in front of me and my camera before the wedding day. If you choose not to take advantage of it there is no discount on your wedding day collection.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Debit, Credit, Cash

How much is the deposit?

a booking retainer fee of 30% of the total price of your customized collection will be due when the contract is signed. This is a non-refundable fee. The remainder of your collection fee can be broken down in up to 8 payments or paid in full 7 days prior to the wedding.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes. A 5% discount of the total collection will be offered to military, military veterans, first responders, and teachers with proper I.D. (one discount per couple)

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course. I can set you up for 8 equal payments in the months, days and weeks leading up to your wedding day. The final payment will be due 14 days prior to your wedding date.

Can we chat before I book?

Yes! I want to chat with you. We can set up a phone meeting a virtual meeting through zoom, skype, facetime or facebook videochat or we can meet in person at a local coffee shop.

Do we give you a "shot list"

You can if it helps you in the planning of your day. I will always do my best to capture anything you want but with wedding photography a lot depends on location, quality of light and TIME. No shots are guaranteed.

Is it cheaper if I get the unedited images and edit them myself?

Editing is part of what makes my style mine and part of the reason my clients hire me. I do not release unedited images.

Will I be able to see the images that didn't get edited?

I do not release unedited images. The images that are selected for your gallery are selected because they meet my standards of my final product. Please know that if an image does not make to your gallery then it was either a duplicate, very similar to another photo, or truly an outtake. If it didn't make the cut then it is deleted from my hard drives and gone forever.

How many pictures do we get?

I do not offer a guarantee of a certain number of images. The number of images you receive will depend on a variety of things such as how long I am hired to photograph, whether or not you add a second photographer to your day, how much time is given for photography among other things.

Will you hold my date for me?

I can not hold a date without a retainer fee and a signed contract. If someone else contacts me for you date and they are ready to pay then they I will book them for the day.