I'd rather opt out of the "personal" branding and just do images highlighting my business, is that possible

Of course. Though I will recommend still getting a few images of yourself within the business . But if you just want to do periodic photos of your business environment to keep your social media fresh we can absolutely work that out.

I am nervous, is that normal?

What? Your nervous to have some lady with a camera in your face and poking around your business, I can't imagine why. (please hear the sarcasm) Of course it's normal to be a little nervous. I am hoping that my natural awkward goofiness will help you feel more and more comfortable as the session goes on.

Is there anything special I have to do to use these photos for my business?

Nope! While I retain all copyright to these images you have the license to use them as you see fit for your business. The only thing you can not do per your usage license is resell the images. I know, like why would anyone even want to do that right?

I would rather take a few hours out of one day to do a session, can I do that?

Yes. We would need to meet to discuss exactly what you need from your session to determine exactly how long it would take to achieve that. Then I would charge you an hourly fee of $200 pr hour with a minimum of 3 hours.