The opportunity to photograph a wedding is a privilege. I get to tell a beautiful, personal story of love with my camera. These stories are important. They document the day that two become one. These stories are lovely, emotional, joyful and exciting. On your day I become immersed in the telling of your story. I find the beauty in all of the different moments of the day, from the big obvious moments to the tiniest of details. I tell the story of you and the loved ones you have chosen to support and celebrate with you. I stand back and document all the moments that I can. I would love to be there to tell the story of your day from start to finish.

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The Process

wedding day collections and pricing

The Diamond Collection

Up to 10 Hours of wedding day coverage with 2 photographers
At least 750 edited wedding day images
An online gallery
Immediate access to download photos upon gallery delivery
One Luxe Photo Album & One Parent Book
1 year anniversary couple's session


The Platinum Collection

Up to 10 hours of wedding day coverage
At least 500 edited wedding day images
An online gallery
immediate access to download photos upon gallery delivery
five 5x7 prints & five 8x10 prints of your choice


The Gold Collection

Up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage
available to download
at least 400 edited wedding day images
An online gallery
immediate access to download photos upon gallery delivery
five 5x7 prints & five 8x10 prints of your choice


The Silver Collection

up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage
at least 300 edited wedding day images
An online gallery
Immediate access to download photos upon gallery delivery
​Five 5x7 prints of your choosing


The Bronze Collection

2 to 4 hours of wedding day coverage
complimentary engagement session w/images available to download
At least 200 edited wedding day images
Online gallery w/ immediate access to download photos upon gallery delivery


every collection includes a complimentary couple's engagement session 3 to 6 months prior to the wedding date

Add a Second Photographer

Adding a second photographer to any collection will allow you to get a variety of more images from your day.


Add a second photographer for 2 - 4 hours for $275


Add a second photographer for 6 hours for $350


Add a second photographer for 8 hours for $475


Add a second photographer for 10 hours for $600

If extra coverage is needed on the day of the wedding

Every now and again wedding days run past the expected time. If you decide you would like me to stay to capture right up to the last moment I can do that. However, in order for that to happen I need you to understand that I will invoice you after your wedding for $75 per hour. You will be charged for the entire hour even if I have only stayed for 10 extra minutes. For example if I'm to leave at 8:00 pm but you ask me to stay until you leave and you don't leave until 10:05 pm I will send you an invoice for $150. No pictures will be release until the final invoice has been paid.

Virginia Wedding Photographer


How far do you travel for weddings?

I generally stay in the areas of Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania and Culpeper in Virginia. I will travel to other localities in Virginia as well.

Is there an additional Charge if my wedding is outside of you local area?

I do not charge travel or mileage fees if you are in the state of Virginia. However if your wedding is 2 or more hours outside of the 22508 area code (which will be determined by Google Maps) we will require an overnight stay at a hotel local to the wedding site that will be added to you your wedding coverage fee.

Do you offer a CD of images in any of your collections?

No, the cool kids don't use CD's anymore. However, all of my collections include an online gallery that you will be able to download your images from directly.

What can I expect to spend on my wedding package?

Wedding day collections begin at $799

How many photographers come on my wedding day?

One for all of the collections except the diamond collection. If you would like a second photographer that can be arranged for an additional fee.

If I don't want something that's included in a collection can I remove it?

This probably won't happen, but if there is something that you really don't want then we can work to try to substitute it with an item that you would rather have that is similar in price

What if we don't want the engagement session, do we get a discount?

No. This is a complimentary session that I offer for the purpose of getting to know you better and getting you comfortable in front of me and my camera before the wedding day. If you choose not to take advantage of it there is no discount on your wedding day collection.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Debit, Credit, Cash

How much is the deposit?

The retainer fee is 25% of the total price of your collection. The remainder can be broken down into monthly payments or paid in full 7 days prior to the wedding.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes. A 5% discount of the total collection will be offered to military, first responders, and teachers with proper I.D. (one discount per couple)

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course. We can work out as many payments as you need leading up to your wedding day. We will set a date each month that I will send you an invoice for payment with the final payment being due 7 days prior to your wedding date.

Can we chat before I book?

Absolutely. We can chat on the phone, through facebook video chat, skype, facetime if you have iPhone, or we can meet in person at the local Starbucks.

Do we give you a "shot list"

No & Yes. I shoot weddings in documentary style, meaning that I stand back and let the moments happen, I do not manufacture the moments. Having a "shot list" will only slow me down and cause me to miss moments. That said, if you are wanting formal family photos done I highly suggest you create a list of exactly which groupings you want done and get that list to me BEFORE you create your timeline so that I can let you know exactly how much time will be necessary to complete your list.

Is it cheaper if I get the unedited images and edit them myself?

Editing is part of what makes my style mine and part of the reason my clients hire me. I do not release unedited images.

Will I be able to see the images that didn't get edited?

I do not release unedited images. The images that are selected for your gallery are selected because they meet my standards of my final product. Please know that if an image does not make to your gallery then it was either a duplicate, very similar to another photo, or truly an outtake. If it didn't make the cut then it is deleted from my hard drives and gone forever.

How many pictures do we get?

It is usually about 50 - 75 images per hour

Will you hold my date for me?

I can not hold a date without a retainer fee and a signed contract. If someone else contacts me for you date and they are ready to pay then they will get the booking