Where Imagination Meets The Lens

Daydream Sessions

Welcome to Daydream Sessions, where we invite you and your child to celebrate the whimsy of childhood through themed photography sessions that immerse your child in the world of imagination while capturing these enchanting moments on camera. Each photograph is a custom work of art that celebrates and preserves your child's unique spirit and creativity.

How it Works

1. Dream Together:

The first step in creating magical Daydream Sessions is to dream together with your child. What fantastical worlds or characters do they want to become? Whether it's a brave superhero, a graceful princess, a daring explorer, or any other character from their wildest daydreams, we're here to bring their visions to life.

2. Costume Selection:

Once the daydream is defined, we'll work with you and your budget to select the perfect costume and props utilizing items that can be found on amazon.com and in your very own closets and toyboxes.

3. Session Day:

On the day of your session, we will create an experience for your child, With the help of costumes and props, your child will step into the shoes of their daydreamed character, and the adventure begins.

4. Unleash the Imagination:

During the session, we encourage your child to fully embrace their character. They can explore, play, and let their imagination run wild while I work to capture these precious moments. Whether it's a sword fight in a medieval castle or a tea party in an enchanted forest your child will get to play and have fun.

5. Creating Custom Art:

Each photograph taken during the Daydream Session is a masterpiece in itself. I'll combine creative photography techniques with post-production magic to transform your child's daydream into tangible art. The result is a gallery of custom artwork that celebrates their unique spirit and the whimsy of childhood.

6. Cherished Memories:

The photographs from your child's Daydream Session become timeless keepsakes that you and your child will treasure forever. They are not just pictures but windows into the world of imagination, allowing you to revisit these magical moments whenever you desire.

Book Your Daydream Session:

The base price for a Daydream Session is $300 which includes the planning, photographing and editing of your session and 3 fully edited digital images available to download upon receiving your gallery.

Ready to embark on this enchanting journey with us? Contact us today to schedule your child's Daydream Session. We can't wait to celebrate the whimsy of childhood and preserve it in the most special way possible, creating extraordinary art that captures the essence of your child's dreams.

At Daydream Sessions, we believe in the extraordinary power of imagination. Join us in celebrating the magic of childhood today!