If you can, hire a professional

There a ton of tutorials out there for make-up application, and I'll admit that some of you young ladies are pretty amazing at it. But if you're not feeling super confident that you can make yourself camera ready then I would recommend hiring a professional to do your hair and your make-up. A make-up artist is trained to know how to conceal spots you're not comfortable with and how to use colors that will match and compliment your skin tone. You'll also want to consider a professional hair stylist. Professionals can be sure that your hair is camera ready from all angles and their professional products will ensure that it stays that way for the entire shoot. It will add a little to the budget, but this is a once in a lifetime experience so why not treat yourself?

woman having professional hair and make up done

Avoid mineral make-up or make-up with SPF

While I photograph using mostly natural light sources I have been known to pop a flash here and there. Make-up with minerals or SPF has a tendency to "flashback" Flashback is a white cast that appears on you skin when your makeup has these light reflecting ingredients. HERE is a great article on how to prevent flashback.

framed photo of a high school senior posing in a flower patch

Apply eye make-up slightly darker than normal.

To make your eyes really pop on camera choose shades that are in the same color palette but slightly darker than your normal shades.

High School Senior Portrait

If you don't usually wear lip color wear a nude color for your pictures.

If you don't usually wear color on your lips or you stick to lip balm or gloss on the daily, putting a color on your lips may leave you feeling like a clown. Here's the thing, if you have full face of make-up and nothing on your lips or just balm or clear gloss it's noticeable on camera. Adding a nude or pinkish color to your lips will pull your look together and have you looking camera ready

High School Senior Portrait

Don't forget your nails

Your hands will be be showing in many of your photos and your feet too. You'll definitely want to get a manicure and if you plan to wear sandals a pedicure too. Nothing can ruin a picture like faded and chipped polish. Either plan to have a nice fresh coat of polish or no polish at all.

Urban High School Senior Portrait

Make- Up Artist in the Fredericksburg/Orange/Culpeper area

All Gussied Up Makeup by Heather

Go Go Gorgeous Makeup Artistry