Hi, I'm Katherine!

Look, I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea what to write here. I always see these amazing "about me" pages all over the web where people just write and write all about themselves and how cool they are. I do this cool thing, I've been to that cool place, I'm so awesome! Well, here's mine. I'm just a regular (but also awkwardly cool. 'Cause that's a thing right?) lady with a camera that loves taking pretty pictures of things and people. How's that for an "about me"? Pretty great huh? Look, if there is anything you're dying to know about me, just ask. If you do it might actually help me figure out what people want to read in these things, LOL!

Alrighty then, I guess keep scrolling for the about me page obligatory "here are the things I like? Are we the same?" stuff.

In all seriousness though, if you click around my site and like what you see, get in touch because I really do love what I do and I'm sure I'd love doing it with you!

fun facts about me

fun facts about me

The beach is my happy place

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"Yes, I am fully aware of how cheesy and cliche this is but having my feet in the sand on a nice warm day and the sound of the waves is just so dang good for my soul."

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Did my charmingly awkward "about me" page reel you in?

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